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Big Book Step Study

Hyannis Format is as follows:
(from a handwritten original)

I. Greeting:

Good evening, everybody, this is the usual ________ night's meeting of the _______ Men's (and Women's) Big Book Step Study Group and we will open the meeting in the usual manner with a moment of silence to do with as you wish.

II. My name is _______ and I am an alcoholic.

III. Preamble of A.A.

IV. Preamble of this group. “ Sobriety... [to] ...discussion to tonight's step.”

V. Secretary's Report

VI. Commitment Chairman's Report

VII. Tonight we are on Step _______, which is on p. (or pgs.) _______ in the Big Book. Commence with the Reading.

VIII. As chairman, I have asked _______ to speak on this step. Then Speaker.

IX. Read to the group the last part of the Preamble from “ If you have done this step...feel free to take one with you.”

X. Proceed to member's sharing their experiences on step.

XI. Collection.

XII. Closing and Prayer.

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